PHIA News Digest – Vol. 94

October 3, 2016

PDSITELOGO2Uber teams with Circulation to transport patients to doctor appointments

The partnership is part of Circulation’s pilot program, designed to reduce the number of missed doctor’s appointments for disabled, elderly or low-income patients. According to the announcement, the program will be piloted at Boston Children’s Hospital, Mercy Health System and elderly care program in Pennsylvania and Nemours Children’s Health System in Wilmington, Delaware.

Congested Schuylkill Expressway might open shoulders to traffic

The agency will start preliminary engineering this fall to transform the outside shoulders of I-76 into part-time travel lanes between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Interchange at Valley Forge and Interstate 476. They’ll do the same for I-76 west between U.S. 1/Roosevelt Boulevard and Belmont Avenue interchanges. Construction wouldn’t start for about five years.


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