PHIA News Digest – Vol. 103

December 5, 2016

PDSITELOGO2Manheim Township’s Marc Lemon is running Donald Trump’s transportation and infrastructure policy team

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promised to “transform America’s crumbling infrastructure into a golden opportunity for accelerated economic growth.”

Now, Manheim Township resident Marc Lemon is helping fulfill that promise of fixing and rebuilding highways, bridges, tunnels, airports and other critical infrastructure.

One of Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters in Lancaster County, he is leading a group of nine people assigned to develop the new administration’s transportation and infrastructure policies.

Trump Picks Washington Insider Elaine Chao For Transportation Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump ran an insurgent, anti-establishment campaign, but the latest addition to his prospective Cabinet is about as establishment as it gets.

Elaine Chao, whom Trump picked Tuesday to head the Department of Transportation, worked in both Bush administrations, has ties to the conservative Heritage Foundation, has sat on numerous corporate boards and spent several years running the United Way of America. She also happens to be married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Adams County commissioners got it right (letter)

Traditionally, the Pennsylvania Motor License Fund (gas tax and license fees) was primarily used to support PennDOT transportation, State Police patrols and funds for municipal roads. The Pennsylvania General Fund (sales tax and income tax) was used to support other government operations.

Last year the General Assembly took transportation funds from PennDOT in order to help out the General Fund.  The General Assembly, with Act 89, provided that the county could impose a $5 per vehicle fee if they wanted to restore funding on PennDOT roads.

Service upgrades ride shotgun with final bus deal

Perry County Transportation Authority has finalized its assimilation into the York-based Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, known as rabbittransit.

The Perry County commissioners on Nov. 21 signed off on the agreement which adds local Shared Ride and bus services to the 10-county regional organization, which ranges from York, Adams, Union, Snyder and Columbia counties.


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