PHIA News Digest – Vol. 2, No. 33

August 22, 2017

RabbitTransit seeks ride-sharing expansion options in York, surrounding counties

Rabbit Transit officials want to connect aging individuals to modern-day technology through ride-sharing apps like Uber if it’s financially prudent. A six-month pilot program conducted in York County is guiding officials to understand how best to use all available resources right at their fingertips.

Work zone crashes, deaths on the rise

Carl Antonelli knows just how dangerous road work can be. Four years ago, the PennDOT employee was struck by a car while working as a construction flagger during a roadway chipping project in Findlay, Allegheny County.

Smart to start study for user fee

The I-95 Coalition is overseeing a federally funded study featuring a 50-motorist pilot program that will monitor driving habits for three months to see how a user-fee concept — meaning tolls — may work to offset potential losses.

Transportation innovation’s crucial ingredient

For the revolution to succeed, smart regulators and thoughtful entrepreneurs will need to work together.

Pennsylvania, other states worry about life after gas tax

As more people plug in their cars, transportation planners are starting to wonder how Pennsylvania and other states will plug budget holes if gas tax revenue begins to decline. That’s the issue at the heart of a federally-funded study underway by a group called the I-95 Coalition, a transportation policy organization covering the states crossed by the interstate.


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