Senate to consider House-passed plan to divert another $100 million from transportation

September 19, 2017

House Republicans, trying to avoid increasing taxes and having already approved a spending measure, have sent to the Senate a proposed revenue plan that would peel another $100 million away from transportation in Pennsylvania.

Although it’s not as much as the nearly half-billion dollars proposed to be diverted initially, it would represent yet another leak in the increased revenue stream created by Act 89 of 2013.

You may recall that the budget for this fiscal year, passed during the summer, included a diversion of $778 million from the Motor License Fund to support State Police operations. The General Assembly had rolled back the amount diverted last year by about $24 million, but instead of decreasing the diverted amount this year, the House plan would actually increase it by a $76 million.

Specifically, the House plan would divert $50 million each from the Multimodal Transportation Fund and the Public Transportation Trust Fund, affecting projects and services for air and sea ports, bicycle and pedestrian access and public transportation agencies.

As this is written, the Senate is reviewing the House plan. The Senate will vote either to concur or reject the plan. If the Senate concurs, the bill goes to Governor Wolf for approval or rejection. If the Senate fails to concur, the matter will go to a conference committee for further negotiation.

It is not certain when the Senate will vote on the House plan, but it could occur as soon as this evening or tomorrow. It’s not too late to share your opinion with your senator. To quickly obtain his or her district and Harrisburg contact information, click here and enter your home address.


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