GOP tax bills also involve infrastructure

November 28, 2017

The always insightful Governing Magazine had an article this week observing that the Republican-sponsored tax bills before Congress are also infrastructure bills because they contain provisions that would impact the ability of states and localities to pay for public works improvements.

In addition to changing the way that highways are financed, the proposed plans include revisions to financing ports and airports, along with state programs related to electric vehicles and wind energy.

At the same time, some infrastructure advocates are disappointed that these provisions are part of a tax bill rather than a standalone infrastructure measure. They believe having separate measures, but considered together, would give a greater boost to improving the country’s infrastructure.

“From a PHIA perspective, we care less about how it’s done,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “We believe very strongly that the federal government needs to step up, both in terms of setting policy and in providing some funding to the states.”

To read the entire Governing article, click here.


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