Wolf rejects diverting more transportation funds

November 10, 2017

Transportation advocates appear to have received great news this week as a spokesman for Governor Wolf said the governor does not intend to tap into transportation money to close a $300 million budget gap.

In recognition of a legislative study concluding that the state had been diverting $222 million more than it should from the Motor License Fund to support State Police operations, the governor and General Assembly had trimmed last year’s $802 million diversion by about $23 million and apparently will continue to scale the diverted amount back.

However, House Republicans then suggested diverting some $400 million from the Multimodal Transportation and Public Transportation Trust funds to plug the budget gap, later reducing that to $100 million before stripping out specific sources and leaving it up to the governor’s discretion.

The governor’s spokesman, J.J. Abbott, said the following to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via email:

“Gov. Wolf will not raid any funds related to public transit as proposed by the House Republicans. Governor Wolf understands that public transit and other infrastructure are vital parts of Pennsylvania’s economy and he’s committed to continuing to invest more — not less — in these programs.”


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