Recent projects illustrate importance of Act 89

March 29, 2018

Recent announcements of plans to improve our transportation system reinforce the importance Act of 89. Created in 2013, Act 89 provides additional funding for improvements to all modes of transportation. Recent projects include:

  • Gov. Tom Wolf announced that $489 million will be disbursed to municipalities throughout Pennsylvania, $22.8 million more than last year, to help maintain roads and bridges. These funds were made possible through Act 89’s increased liquid fuel tax allocations.
  • The final stage of the $107 million four-lane extension of US 322 from Sand Mountain Road to Potters Mills is underway. The project will yield improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Together, the Rail Transportation Assistance and Rail Freight Assistance programs will fund 31 projects spanning the next five years. The State Transportation Commission approved $36 million in grants that will rebuild tracks and retain nearly 40,000 jobs.
  • Luzerne County plans to fund local road and bridge repairs with a new $5 vehicle registration fee. PennDOT would match revenue raised by the registration.

All of these projects are made possible by Act 89.

“The existence of well-funded projects like these is proof that Act 89 is having a positive effect on Pennsylvania’s transportation system and those who use it,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “And as we also point out, it boosts the economy by creating and retaining a large number of jobs.”


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