PHIA News Digest – Vol. 3, No. 24

June 18, 2018

Pennsylvania is the only state that bans cops from using radar

The state is the only one nationwide that bans municipal police officers from using radar to enforce speed limits. For the last 57 years, Pennsylvania has reserved that technology for state troopers.

Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan: Rob Peter to pay Paul

Raiding one tax source to pay for something else yields a vicious cycle. Politicians use crumbling roads as a justification to raise gas taxes. They use underfunded state worker pensions as a justification to raid the gas tax revenues, leaving potholes unfilled. Then potholes become an excuse to raise gas taxes further.

PennDOT to discuss regulations with autonomous vehicle operators

Autonomous vehicle operators will have a hand in shaping regulations that will govern how they test the technology on public roads. Within the next few weeks, PennDOT plans to meet one-on-one with the five self-driving car entities in the state.

Over $2.5 million funding Penn State’s transportation research program

Two and half million dollars has been granted to the Mid-Atlantic Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure Systems.


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