PHIA News Digest – Vol. 4, No. 51

December 24, 2019

Pa. Turnpike officials expecting record-setting holiday travel this year

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is anticipating a record-setting holiday travel period, with more than six million people hitting the turnpike through New Year’s Day.

1-99 designation draws closer

The designation of U.S. Route 15 as an interstate is getting closer. At the Dec. 13 Develop Tioga meeting, President Alan Quimby reported on a recent meeting with PennDOT officials. A draft version of the deficiencies postponing the designation was released and contains only two items that need to be corrected, said Quimby.

Multi-state pact could curb transportation carbon emissions, raise gas prices

The proposal — known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative — is aimed at reducing pollutants contributing to global warming. An alliance of Northeast and mid-Atlantic states has been working on the project that would create a cap on pollution from transportation.

Before scrapping Pa.’s annual auto emissions inspections, lawmakers call for a study first

State lawmakers remain interested in enabling most Pennsylvanians to avoid spending about $40 annually on auto emission inspections, but they are tapping the brakes a bit. The reason? Lawmakers want to be sure they don’t risk millions in federal aid.


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