PHIA News Digest – Vol. 4, No. 52

December 30, 2019

Pennsylvania wants to fix its Medicaid transit program but there’s no easy way

Currently, the state allows counties to decide how to transport residents. A proposed alternative would pay independent brokers to coordinate transportation across regions. A state-commissioned report, delivered to state legislators Friday, said both options have disadvantages. It didn’t recommend one approach over the other for overhauling the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, the state’s answer to a federal mandate to offer free nonemergency medical transportation for Pennsylvania’s 2.8 million Medicaid patients.

Jeep Cherokee watching: Pa. to start automated speed enforcement in work zones

Beginning Jan. 4, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike will begin a 60-day pilot program to formally test what’s called the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement program. The program is designed to cause drivers to slow down in construction areas by setting up speed monitoring equipment in work areas.

Ex-lawmaker: Now is time to fix Pa. transportation network

A task force report focusing on critical weaknesses in Pennsylvania’s transportation network was released in Harrisburg as the year drew to a close. A former state lawmaker who now runs the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is calling it a good starting point for action.

Brian Allen named district executive for PennDOT District 10

Brian N. Allen, P.E., has been appointed the district executive for the western region of PennDOT. He is responsible for overseeing all functions District 10, which serves Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana and Jefferson counties.


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