Rep. White briefs stakeholders on transportation revenue recommendations

January 16, 2020

Last month, we reported on the results of a study of transportation funding options by a 10-member task force made up of members of the House Republican Caucus. This week, its chair, state Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia), briefed the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition on the recommendations.

The recommendations included numerous options for addressing transportation funding needs, such as:

  • Lessening or halting revenue diversions from the Motor License Fund, the constitutionally protected repository for fuel taxes and license and registration fees.
  • Expanding public-private partnership opportunities.
  • Streamlining permitting processes.
  • Changing the way large highway projects are bid out.
  • Giving local governments the ability to impose additional fees.
  • Creating county infrastructure banks.

Representative White filled in some details and provided insight into the task force’s deliberations. PHIA and other transportation stakeholders are hopeful that the General Assembly and governor will agree to accelerate the rollback of the revenue that is being diverted from the Motor License Fund. Rolling back the entire diverted amount to zero would make more than $700 million available for bridge and highway projects without raising fuel taxes and license and registration fees.


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