Automated speed enforcement begins

March 9, 2020

Beginning today, speeding through highway work zones could start costing you money. Automated speed enforcement targets those who violate the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour. A first offense will draw only a warning, a second time will cost $75, with subsequent offenses costing $150.

PHIA and the construction industry worked long and hard to advance this initiative. We know it works, because Maryland’s program has reduced work zone speed violations to less than 1 percent of drivers. The rate was 7 percent when the program began several years ago.

“Those who complain about this program contend it’s simply a government money-grab, but the experience in Maryland shows the opposite,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “Fine revenue has actually decreased in Maryland because the driving public has learned that breaking the speed laws in work zones will take money out of their pockets.”

Wagner noted that speed and distracted driving – or both – are the leading causes of work zone crashes.

“Highway workers deserve to go home to their families after their shifts, just like everyone else,” Wagner said. “This law will save lives and prevent serious injuries, not only for construction workers but for motorists as well.”


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