PHIA News Digest – Vol. 5, No. 9

March 2, 2020

Gas, diesel pumps closed for 10 weeks at Turnpike’s Allentown service center

The service plaza, accessible to both northbound and southbound turnpike traffic, will close the pumps starting 7 a.m. Monday, through May 21, according to a news release. Business 7-Eleven will be replacing the underground fuel tanks, fuel lines and installing new fuel dispensers at the plaza’s fuel pumps.

New PA Turnpike proposal for Allegheny Tunnel in Somerset County

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission said the project is still in its very early stages, and that it will be years before any dirt is even moved.

Etown’s alum in politics series: Rep. Martina White

Having graduated from Etown with a B.S. in Business Administration and dual focuses in finance and marketing, White said she feels that the College’s business professors had a significant influence on her professional development and later entry into politics.

KYW In Depth: A look at e-scooters in Pennsylvania

Advocates of personal electric vehicles, or PEVs, say having a shared e-scooter program similar to Philadelphia’s current bike-share program would benefit commuters and tourists that need to go that extra mile public transportation just can’t provide.

Only a fraction of Pa. residents have a Real ID, but PennDOT says that’s OK

PennDOT said so far, only about 821,000 of the roughly 9.8 million people with state IDs and driver’s licenses have made the switch. But spokesman Diego Sandino said even though it’s a relatively small number, the department believes it’s on track.

Could charging Pa. motorists for rush-hour driving pay for infrastructure? PennDOT wants to find out

Officials at PennDOT told a House panel this week that they’re studying a congestion fee as a solution to the state’s constant search for cash to fund highway and public transit investment.

PennDOT faces big costs and dwindling resources

During a budget appropriation hearing on Tuesday, state lawmakers pressed PennDOT’s acting secretary to explain how the agency sets its priorities and asked about funding concerns. One thing was clear: the commonwealth is going to have to find a lot more money.

Consensus still lacking on solution to Pennsylvania transportation woes

A House Appropriations Committee budget hearing descended into partisan bickering after lawmakers blamed each other for rejecting ideas that could generate revenue for the state’s aging transportation infrastructure.


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