26,000 work zone speeding violations since March

June 12, 2020

PennDOT reports that some 26,000 vehicle owners have received violation notices for speeding through work zones since Pennsylvania’s automated speed enforcement program went live in March.

The information comes by way of a feature story by Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV, quoting a PennDOT District 11 official. He said about 10 percent of the violations were repeat offenders.

Because the first violation draws a warning rather than a fine, the vast majority of violators have escaped a hit to their wallets – so far. It’s also worth noting that, while 26,000 seems like a large number at first, consider that traffic volumes during the coronavirus pandemic have been significantly less than typical.

The process is triggered when vehicles drive through the work zones at more than 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. A second offense draws a $75 fine, and subsequent violations are $150 each.

“We would expect the violation numbers will increase significantly as the Covid-19 lockdown ends,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “Then, once drivers become familiar with the program, they’ll probably begin falling, as was the experience in Maryland.”

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