PHIA News Digest – Vol. 6, No. 31

August 2, 2021

Transportation Revenue Options Commission report

The Transportation Revenue Options Commission submitted its final report to Gov. Tom Wolf on July 30. This strategic funding proposal aims to address the acute transportation funding challenge facing the Commonwealth now and into the future.

U.S. infrastructure crumbling as Congress debates funding

The aging 61-year-old South Bridge in central Pennsylvania is one of 12,000 in the state that needs repair. On several other bridges, CBS News discovered rust, cracks and some closed bridges waiting for fixes.

Pa. truckers object to proposal to double registration fee

The options also include a doubling of vehicle registration fees that a trucking leader said would result in interstate trucking companies registering their trucks in other states.

New report suggests best alternatives to Pa.’s gas tax

There’s still a long trail ahead for one of Pennsylvania’s most notorious funding shortfalls — roads. Love them or hate them, a new report from the Transportation Revenue Options Commission has compiled a number of funding recommendations for the state’s aging transportation network, like mileage-based fees, tolling, taxes and fees.

Pa. Turnpike’s annual toll increases to decline in coming years

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission reached a milestone in its 50-year financial obligation to the commonwealth to help fund its transportation system by making the final $450 million payment it was required to pay under a 2007 state law.

PA Turnpike makes final payment to PennDOT

The PA Turnpike Commission made its final $450 million payment to PennDOT on Wednesday for transit systems around the state. The payments were mandated by Act 44 of 2007. The turnpike commission has forked over nearly $8 billion since then. It’s now $14 billion in debt.

Panel to recommend Pa. move to mileage-based user fee as gas tax replacement

A mileage-based user fee, package delivery fee and a toll to use limited-access lanes are among the new revenue options a governor-appointed panel is making to meet Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs going forward.

PennDOT announces application period for rail freight programs

PennDOT announced that the application period for the grants under the Rail Transportation Assistance Program and the Rail Freight Assistance Program is now open.

Pa. transportation funding report could launch years of debate

A transportation funding commission is preparing to recommend how to raise billions more dollars in Pennsylvania for a 21st-century highway system, a report that will land at a politically touchy time and is expected to kick off a debate that could last years.

Frustration over long wait for PennDOT vehicle registration & titles

11 investigates has learned PennDOT applications for driver and vehicle services backlogged so much during COVID-19 that some people have had to wait nearly a year just to get the paperwork processed.


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