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PennDOT’s P-3 major bridge initiative advances

September 23, 2021

It appears that PennDOT is moving forward with its public-private partnership major bridge initiative, having selected three teams to advance to the proposal submission stage.

The teams invited to submit proposals are:

Bridging Pennsylvania Partners, consisting of: Macquarie Infrastructure Developments LLC; Shikun & Binui Concessions USA Inc; STV Incorporated; FCC Construccion, S.A.; Shikun & Binui – America, Inc; and SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Keystone Pathway Developers, consisting of: Kiewit (Development Company, Engineering Group Inc., and Infrastructure Co., dba Keystone Pathway Constructors); Star America PA Bridges, LLC; and Urban Engineers Inc.

Keystone Pathways Mobility Partners, consisting of: Cintra Infrastructures SE, Itinera Infrastructure and Concessions Inc.; Halmar International LLC and North Tarrant Infrastructure, LLC (unincorporated joint venture); Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.; and KS Engineers, P.C.

According to PennDOT, the teams were selected based on experience and technical approach to carry out the project, their relevant experience and qualifications of key personnel, their investment and financial experience and their overall understanding of the project and their approach to deliver all project requirements.

PennDOT expects to issue a Request for Proposals by year-end, and the teams will submit their proposals early next year. The winning team will refurbish or replace nine major bridges across the Commonwealth, including the I-83 South Bridge across the Susquehanna between Cumberland and Dauphin County. Tolling revenue will pay for the work over time.

The House Transportation Committee is holding a hearing next Thursday on the P-3 initiative. Associated Pennsylvania Constructors will be among those offering testimony.

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