PHIA News Digest – Vol. 7, No. 39

September 29, 2022

PennDOT’s I-83 expansion takes more than 200 properties. Where does the project stand?

A decades-long planned expansion of I-83 in Harrisburg is aimed at reducing congestion and repairing a crumbling elevated highway. But it will come at a human cost: Hundreds of residents and business owners will lose their properties and the resulting closures will tear at the already frayed fabric of a fragmented community.

Bill would require drivers to pay outstanding tolls before registering vehicles

State Sen. Marty Flynn says he’ll introduce legislation requiring drivers to pay any outstanding tolls before registering their vehicle. A recent audit found more than $100 million in unpaid tolls.

PennDOT pushes Real IDs ahead of May 3, 2023, deadline

PennDOT wants to remind people that they have only a few more months to get their Real ID-compliant driver’s license or identification card. The deadline to get a Real ID in Pennsylvania is May 3, 2023.

Pa. House calls for study of PennDOT

A measure moving through the Pennsylvania House calls for a study of PennDOT. The House Transportation Committee voted unanimously Monday to advance a resolution to compare PennDOT with other state DOTs.

Data show roundabouts reduce fatalities, injuries

PennDOT announced that, according to department data, fatalities, injuries and crashes decreased overall after intersections at 33 locations were replaced with roundabouts.



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