Annual conference video wrap-up

June 16, 2014

PHIA’s annual conference last month featured a wide variety of interesting presentations.  Here the presenters summarize their thoughts.




PHIA: Latham and Mallory Discuss Act 89

May 12, 2014


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PHIA strives to promote benefits of transportation funding

March 6, 2014

The passage of Pennsylvania’s $2.3 billion transportation funding bill will bring lasting benefits to motorists, and PHIA is committed to educating the public about the positive changes to come.

“Most people don’t often think about it, but the condition of Pennsylvania’s highway system affects the state’s economic health,” said Jason Wagner, PHIA managing director. “Our economy is dependent upon our highway system. This makes it especially important to keep the public informed.”

Now that the bill has passed, PHIA’s next step is to ensure that important information reaches Pennsylvania’s highway users.

“Our goal is to be the go-to source for highway information,” Wagner said. “We want to make certain that the public is kept up to date on the changes taking place and to be aware of how these changes are improving transportation for them.”

The video below outlines some of the ways funding from the transportation bill will improve Pennsylvania’s transportation system:





Pennsylvania Wake Up Call

September 30, 2013



TRIP Report: PA Drivers Paying More to Not Address the Problem

June 26, 2013

News from PHIA:  PA motorists are paying more for congested roadways than it would to fix the problem.