President-elect Trump proposes $1T infrastructure plan

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Road constructionFollowing his electoral victory last Tuesday night, President-elect Donald Trump has delved further into the policy required to enact some of his campaign promises. One such promise was $1 trillion invested in infrastructural improvements.

His proposal is a 10-year program, with funding for highways, tunnels, bridges and airports. The funding comes in large part from tax credits to spur private investment. It does not include any changes to the Highway Trust Fund, or an increase in the federal gas tax.

The plan was mentioned in Trump’s acceptance speech in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals,” Trump said. “We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure — which will become, by the way, second to none — and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

Trump’s proposal has garnered much support in the transportation industry, and on both sides of the aisle of Congress in Washington. House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster, from Pennsylvania, called the plan “encouraging” and said that “the idea of addressing transportation is gaining some traction in Washington.”

“The highway industry in Pennsylvania is very much looking forward to seeing this proposal enacted,” PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner said. “We are glad the president-elect acknowledges the improvements that need to be made to our infrastructure, and we are ready to get to work.”



First Act 89 regional event a rousing success

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IMG_0230 (002)

About 70 transportation supporters attended the first in a series of regional events promoting Act 89 this week in Lancaster.

The attendees heard a panel discussion featuring PennDOT Deputy Secretary Jim Ritzman, Lancaster Chamber CEO Tom Baldrige, High Steel’s Steve Bussanmas, Good Transport Services President Danny Good, Jeff Glisson of South Central Transit Authority and Bob Bini of the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

The event was a collaboration between PHIA and the Chamber and was sponsored by Sable Commercial Realty. PHIA is in the process of organizing additional events later this summer and into the fall, in keeping with its mission to educate the public about transportation issues.

“We were thrilled with the turnout,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner, who was moderator for the discussion. “The panelists did a terrific job in articulating the benefits of the transportation funding measure, while also expressing concern about the continuing revenue diversions from the Motor License Fund to support State Police operations.”

Look for information about future regional events as details become available.

Read the news coverage of the event by clicking, HERE.




This just in

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60minutesIt won’t come as news to those who follow PHIA, but it’s worth noting that the deterioration of America’s transportation infrastructure has come to the attention of CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Correspondent Steve Croft selected Pittsburgh and its bridges as a backdrop in a segment that aired on Sunday. He also traveled to Philadelphia to interview former Gov. Ed Rendell on what could have been a disaster with an Interstate 95 bridge, were it not for the quest for a sausage sandwich.

“Although Pennsylvania has earned a reputation for having considerable transportation system problems, we’re now better off than nearly any other state following the passage of Act 89 a year ago,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “That doesn’t mean our problem is solved, and the 60 Minutes segment pointed out that the lack of consensus at the federal level continues.”

The segment, along with two additional segments on the issue that were not aired, may be viewed here.



Act 89 continues to drive PA forward

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PHIA provides a video update on the benefits of Act 89 and how it’s moving Pennsylvania forward.




Strong lettings during month of May

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NEW_PENNDOTThe effects of Act 89 continue to spike PennDOT lettings in 2014.   PennDOT had a strong bidding period in may with over $300 million in projects being put out on the street.  This brings the year-to-date total to over $959 million.  At this same point in 2013, PennDOT only bid $575.7 million in lettings.  At this pace, PennDOT would end 2014 with over $2 billion in lettings.

With the recent enactment of the transportation funding bill there is reason to see this trend continue.  Act 89, which will implement a $2.3 billion comprehensive transportation funding plan over the next five years, will result in PennDOT coming close to $2 billion in construction lettings in 2014.  PennDOT finished 2013 with $1.6 billion in lettings. Read more


Survey shows immediate economic benefits of Act 89

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Latham2012webGuest Post By Robert Latham

In overwhelming numbers, Pennsylvania highway contractors are hiring blue-collar workers and will continue to add to those numbers over the next several years, according to a survey by Associated Pennsylvania Constructors.

The APC survey shows that prior to passage of Act 89 (the comprehensive transportation funding bill), the industry was experiencing a substantial decline:

  • 60 percent of highway construction employers had reduced their blue-collar workforce.
  • 63 percent of highway contractors had reduced the number of hours worked by those blue-collar employees who did not lose their jobs.
  • 75 percent of blue-collar wages were either reduced or stayed the same.

However, as a result of the passage of the transportation act:

  • During the next three years, 84 percent of construction employers expect to hire more blue-collar workers.
  • During the next three years, 90 percent of construction employers will increase blue-collar wages.
  • 70 percent of construction employers plan capital investments in equipment, plants, machinery, etc., driving even more private sector jobs.
  • 75 percent of highway construction blue-collar workers earn between $50,000 and $60,000 per year.

It’s important to note that Act 89 will create and support nearly half-again the number of indirect jobs as it creates in the industry itself. And the industry jobs are family-sustaining jobs, the kind that most of us are very concerned about these days, and rightfully so.

Elected officials who supported Act 89 can point to this legislation as a clear victory for working families in the Commonwealth.  Act 89 immediately saved 12,000 jobs, and studies show that when fully implemented, Act 89 will create up to 50,000 jobs, mostly in industries other than highway construction.


Associated Pennsylvania Constructors is a trade association of more than 400 members that include contractors, consulting engineers, material suppliers, manufacturers and others with an interest in Pennsylvania’s road and bridge construction industry.  For more information, visit



PHIA: Latham and Mallory Discuss Act 89

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Corbett unveils “Decade of Investment” for transportation

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Gov. Tom Corbett announced today that PennDOT will invest $2.1 billion in bridge and highway work this year, about $600 million more than would have been available without passage of the Transportation Funding Act last fall.

At a news conference in Harrisburg, Corbett said 250 projects will begin this year directly as a result of the funding act, for a total of more than 900 projects overall.

IMG_1447Echoing themes that the construction industry has been using over the last few years, the governor said the funding plan would create safer roads, bridges and public transportation systems, while saving 12,000 jobs immediately and creating 50,000 more during the next five years. He said 18,000 jobs would be created this year alone.

Some of the higher-profile projects include:

  • Rehabilitating the Birmingham Bridge in Pittsburgh.
  • Rehabilitating the Spring Garden Street Bridge over the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.
  • Resurfacing the Trexlertown bypass in Lehigh County.
  • Resurfacing more than 145 miles of roads in northeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Resurfacing and bridge preservation on the Lock Haven Bypass, in Clinton County.
  • Resurfacing more than 142 miles of roads in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Moreover, the plan will enable PennDOT to remove weight restrictions on more than 100 state and local bridges in 2014. The department had been forced to begin posting weight restrictions last year in the absence of a funding measure. Read more


Writer says U.S. derailed itself on infrastructure decades ago

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In a recently published Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed article, Robert W. Patterson emphasizes the importance of infrastructure in creating and preserving family-sustaining jobs.

Patterson, an aide to former President George W. Bush and Gov. Tom Corbett, provides historical context on how America strayed from its prosperous course of nation-building that made the U.S. a superpower.

In 1971, Congress voted to end funding for the next-generation commercial airliner, the Boeing 2707 SST, essentially ending a century-long streak of national infrastructure development. The decision was followed with additional legislative acts of the ‘70s, such as the National Environmental Policy Act, which blocked further infrastructure projects due to its heavy restrictions. Read more

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PHIA strives to promote benefits of transportation funding

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The passage of Pennsylvania’s $2.3 billion transportation funding bill will bring lasting benefits to motorists, and PHIA is committed to educating the public about the positive changes to come.

“Most people don’t often think about it, but the condition of Pennsylvania’s highway system affects the state’s economic health,” said Jason Wagner, PHIA managing director. “Our economy is dependent upon our highway system. This makes it especially important to keep the public informed.”

Now that the bill has passed, PHIA’s next step is to ensure that important information reaches Pennsylvania’s highway users.

“Our goal is to be the go-to source for highway information,” Wagner said. “We want to make certain that the public is kept up to date on the changes taking place and to be aware of how these changes are improving transportation for them.”

The video below outlines some of the ways funding from the transportation bill will improve Pennsylvania’s transportation system: