Transportation funding to advance early next year

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After several years of intensive efforts – by PHIA and others – it appears that legislative leaders and the Corbett administration are ready to move forward in addressing Pennsylvania’s well documented transportation funding needs.

Gov. Corbett outlined his transportation agenda at the PA Society weekend recently held in New York City

Last weekend, the governor weighed in on his support for a comprehensive funding solution as he spoke at a Pennsylvania Society event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. Although declining to discuss specifics of his plan, he said the solution would include multiple funding sources, and he indicated all options are on the table.

Recent news reports have said he and state Sen. John Rafferty, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, have been discussing the elements to be included in funding legislation. Rafferty is expected to introduce the funding legislation early next year.

The response from Pennsylvania’s business community was overwhelmingly supportive. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry, Pennsylvania Business Council, Allegheny Conference, Greater Philadelphia Chamber, Harrisburg Regional Chamber and others chimed in to embrace Corbett’s announcement.

It also is expected that strong editorial support across the state will continue. Corbett’s announcement followed a series of editorials calling for action on the funding issue.

PHIA’s role as a provider of education and information will continue. As it has been since 1960, PHIA’s mission is to educate the public on the importance of a safe and modern highway system.

“It’s gratifying to hear that this issue will finally move forward as we return from the holidays,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “At the same time, we still have a lot of work ahead of us on the education side of the equation. We’re confident, though, that a majority of the public will agree with the need to address this problem, especially given the relatively modest cost for a solution.”

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Rep. Markosek talks transportation in list of 2013 budget priorities

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Auditor General Jack Wagner continues push for comprehensive infrastructure solution

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State Auditor General Jack Wagner has compiled a DVD video outlining the state’s crumbling infrastructure in an effort to push for the state to address the ongoing transportation  funding crisis.  Wagner said that the General Assembly and the Corbett Administration need to make passage of a comprehensive transportation and infrastructure bill their number one priority this fall.

Wagner said that the passage of such legislation would make the Commonwealth’s roads and bridges safer as well as put thousands of people back to work.

To read the text of the press release and view the DVD video, click here.




Public-Private Partnership Legislation Set to Become Law

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The following article is provided by the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors:

As the General Assembly scrambled to complete the state budget before the June 30 constitutional deadline, a flurry of late night actions were taken before they adjourned for a summer recess. One of those measures affecting the industry was the final passage of House Bill 3, which will pave the way for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) law in Pennsylvania for transportation projects. The measure unanimously passed the Senate (49-0) but was more contentious in the House (117-79). The measure is now awaiting signature of Governor Corbett who indicated that he planned to sign it, possibly as early as today. Read more


Anti-texting law goes into effect

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PHIA has been serving highway users for over 50 years.  Therefore, we feel it’s important to pass along this important information affecting all drivers.

Pennsylvania’s NEW anti-texting law goes into effect Thursday, March 8.  Of nearly 14,000 crashes involving distracted driving in Pennsylvania in 2010, one in eight involved a driver using a hand-held phone.

Violators of the new law could face a $50 fine.  For a fact sheet that summarizes the new law, click here.



Reaction to Gov. Corbett’s budget address

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Gov. Tom Corbett made prominent mention of transportation funding in his budget address on Tuesday.  While asserting that transportation funding transcends the budget process, he said the issue is one of his top priorities.  The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, of which PHIA is a member, issued this reaction.  Click here to read the statement.


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Transportation funding goes bipartisan, bicameral

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Support for a transportation funding solution broadened considerably this week as three leaders of Pennsylvania’s House Democratic caucus introduced legislation that mirrors the bills introduced last fall by a Senate Republican. The House and Senate versions are both patterned after the recommendations of Gov. Tom Corbett’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

State Rep. Mike Hanna (D-Clinton), the minority whip, described the initiative as “extending an olive branch” to Republicans and Governor Corbett, signaling bipartisan support for a major policy issue at a time when school vouchers, privatization of state liquor stores and a Marcellus Shale drilling fee have languished in partisan disagreement.

At a Capitol news conference, several reporters expressed skepticism that legislators could muster the political will to address the problem in an election year. However, recent public opinion polls show that a majority of voters believe transportation funding is the most important issue currently facing Pennsylvania, and the TFAC’s proposed solution might actually save a typical motorist more than it costs in wasted gasoline and vehicle maintenance.

To view an excerpt of the news conference, click below:  [youtube][/youtube]

To see Associated Pennsylvania Constructors’ response, click here.



2011 in review: Still no transportation funding

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If your holiday wish is to see some action on the transportation funding issue, I’m afraid you should expect coal under your tree this year. Below is commentary provided by PHIA on the transportation funding effort as 2011 closes with an industry facing an uncertain future.

Veterans of the transportation construction industry are not exaggerating when they tell you that efforts to establish steady, sustainable, comprehensive funding sources for highways and public transit have been underway for decades.

A year ago, there were reasons for great optimism that 2011 was shaping up to be the year that a comprehensive funding solution, finally, could occur: Read more


Poll shows broad support for addressing funding problem

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A Franklin & Marshall College Poll shows that a majority of Pennsylvania voters rate the transportation funding issue as either the most important or one of the most important issues now facing the Commonwealth.

The issue outpolled the Marcellus Shale tax, school vouchers, liquor store privatization and electoral vote distribution in terms of importance. Perhaps of even greater significance is that only 8 percent of those surveyed said the transportation finding issue is not important.

The Associated Pennsylvania Constructors commented on the poll results in a news release distributed earlier this week. To view the news release, click here.


Leading business organization joins transportation funding chorus

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The Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC) joined a growing list of business and economic development organizations in support of the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission recommendations. The PBC represents some of the largest employers in the state and issued a policy statement supporting the recommendations of the Commission, which was appointment at the direction of Gov. Tom Corbett earlier this year. The PBC also applauded Sen. Jake Corman for his earlier announcement that he would introduce legislation to enact those recommendations outlined in the report, which was released on Aug. 1. Read more