PHIA Co-Hosts Chairmen’s Breakfast

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019Partnering with ACEC/PA, PHIA this week hosted a breakfast with the chairmen of both the House and Senate Transportation committees.

Senators John Rafferty and John Wozniak returned to their posts on the Senate side. The House appointed new chairs this session with Representatives John Taylor and Bill Keller. While new to the chairmanships, Taylor and Keller are not strangers to transportation issues, and both supported Act 89.

The breakfast began with introductions from each of the chairmen, where they lauded the successes of Act 89 in their respective districts, and across the state. They expressed their commitment to protecting highway funds in the face of a tight budget year.

The House chairmen also expressed great interest in further development at the port of Philadelphia (both hail from Philadelphia County). They015 pointed to the competition in port use from Delaware’s recent development and want to be active in working with the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority to create jobs at the port.

It was a packed first event in the series, and we hope to see you at the next, which is scheduled for May 6.



Senate Committee Approves Comprehensive Transportation Funding Package

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20121116-163529.jpgBy a 13-1 vote, the Senate Transportation Committee approved Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Chairman John Rafferty (R-Chester/Montgomery), which would provide an additional $2.5 billion annually to the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure.

The committee’s action is a first step toward enacting a comprehensive funding bill. Final action is expected before the summer recess, on or about June 30. Senate Bill 1 closely mirrors the recommendations of the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC) and embodies the principles of a multi-modal, comprehensive funding package as endorsed by the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition (KTFC).

Senate Bill 1 would be the first major funding enhancement in almost 16 years. The industry will be working diligently with the KTFC, the General Assembly, and the Administration as the legislation develops into a final package. Read more


Sen. Rafferty Introduces Senate Bill 1

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Rafferty Unveils Comprehensive Transportation Funding Plan

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Below is a copy of the press release issued by Senator Rafferty’s Office:

Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John Rafferty (R-44) today was joined by Secretary of Transportation Barry Schoch and the three other chairmen of the Senate and House Transportation Committees to unveil his comprehensive proposal to fund Pennsylvania’s transportation needs.

senatorraffertyRafferty said the funding proposal, “The Bridge to Pennsylvania’s Future,” will increase Pennsylvania’s annual transportation investment by $2.5 billion.  It follows the major recommendations made by the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

“Pennsylvania is at a crossroads and we must take action now,” Rafferty said.  “Our roads and bridges continue to crumble, our mass transit systems lack the funds needed to meet continued demand, and our railways, airports and ports struggle to be economic generators for the 21st Century.  We simply cannot continue to ignore these pressing needs, which are directly related to public safety and economic development.” Read more


Transportation funding to advance early next year

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After several years of intensive efforts – by PHIA and others – it appears that legislative leaders and the Corbett administration are ready to move forward in addressing Pennsylvania’s well documented transportation funding needs.

Gov. Corbett outlined his transportation agenda at the PA Society weekend recently held in New York City

Last weekend, the governor weighed in on his support for a comprehensive funding solution as he spoke at a Pennsylvania Society event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. Although declining to discuss specifics of his plan, he said the solution would include multiple funding sources, and he indicated all options are on the table.

Recent news reports have said he and state Sen. John Rafferty, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, have been discussing the elements to be included in funding legislation. Rafferty is expected to introduce the funding legislation early next year.

The response from Pennsylvania’s business community was overwhelmingly supportive. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry, Pennsylvania Business Council, Allegheny Conference, Greater Philadelphia Chamber, Harrisburg Regional Chamber and others chimed in to embrace Corbett’s announcement.

It also is expected that strong editorial support across the state will continue. Corbett’s announcement followed a series of editorials calling for action on the funding issue.

PHIA’s role as a provider of education and information will continue. As it has been since 1960, PHIA’s mission is to educate the public on the importance of a safe and modern highway system.

“It’s gratifying to hear that this issue will finally move forward as we return from the holidays,” said PHIA Managing Director Jason Wagner. “At the same time, we still have a lot of work ahead of us on the education side of the equation. We’re confident, though, that a majority of the public will agree with the need to address this problem, especially given the relatively modest cost for a solution.”

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